Embroidered Romanian peasant blouse Anca

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ie cusuta manual Anca

Stunning manually embroidered Romanian peasant blouse for sale worldwide


hand embroidered romanian blouses certified

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High quality handmade embroidery since 2000.


Worldwide shipping!


We gladly accept returns within 14 days of delivery.

This is an authentic manually embroidered Romanian peasant blouse.

The embroidery is made with warm color threads on fine gauze cotton with an vintage feeling.

Our hand-embroidered Romanian blouses are a testament to the uniqueness of traditional craftsmanship. 

The threads used in embroidery are made of cotton and silk

We have only one traditional hand embroidered blouse with this pattern in stock and it is size M

This Romanian ie has adjustable strings on the neck and wrist and gives you the opportunity to adjust the circumference in these areas.

We deliver hand-embroidered Romanian blouses all over the world for 20 years!


size chart for the ethnic Romanian embroidered blouses

ie cusuta manual Anca