Vintage embroidered Romanian peasant blouses for sale

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ie romaneasca Muscel

Vintage IA - Hand-stitched Romanian peasant blouses for sale worldwide. (UK, USA, Europe)


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we ship in 24-48 h


High quality handmade embroidery since 2000.


Worldwide shipping!


We gladly accept returns within 14 days of delivery.

TBuy here stunning hand stitched Romanian blouses. Vintage but never worn.

Get the unique chanse to buy one 40 years old  handmade Romanian blouse tha have never been worn.

Owning one of these blouses is like owning a timeless piece of art, with its intricate hand-stitched details and vibrant colors.

We discovered one treasure abroud and we reimported it in 2023.

So we have some vintage but never worn hand embroidered blouses available.

Fabric is fine gauze cotton.

Embroidery threads are made of moulin and silk.

Shipping term: Next working day!

Payment methods: Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal.

For PayPal payments, first, please select EUR or USD currency. PayPal does not accept the payments in RON currency.

Embroidered Romanian Blouse care: Hand wash at max. 30'C. Ironing.


Romanian peasant blouses size chart

 hand embroidered Romanian peasant blouses size chart

ie romaneasca Muscel

Data sheet

cotton 98%, silk 2%